27Sep 2016
Searching for a removal company while working on a wedding as well can be pretty daunting, so to no surprise that was one of the most stressful times of my life. Overall though the choice of picking ChelseaRemovals was the right one, as they made things more fun and turned out to be amazing professionals.
06Jan 2015
ChelseaRemovals recently project managed my local office move and appeared to have everything in hand all of the way through. They packed up my computer equipment effectively and with good quality materials, as well as wrapping my furniture to protect it from rain damage or other moving scratches. The service was good, the price was reasonable and the moving men were extremely professional - would struggle to find fault with anything that they did.
P. Lines
12Nov 2014
I was very happy with my recent house move. Though initially I was dreading it, after I had an appointment with ChelseaRemovals I was instantly relieved. The cost wasn't going to be as much as I thought, and also I was able to afford the additional packing service which was a great advantage. The entire house relocation went smoothly and with no hitches. I will be telling all of my friends who need any type of removals services about the excellent service I had.
Erica H.
22Oct 2014
Got lots of love for ChelseaRemovals after they helped me with their brilliant packing service! I hate packing and every time I pack up anything I always end up breaking something! I called the company for a quote and the price they said was so reasonable that I just had to hire them! The packing was done swiftly and efficiently, and everything was really well-thought out and clearly labelled. Moving was really easy once the packing had been done for me! Thanks so much for all of the help you gave me and my family - what a fab service!
Shannon F.
05Mar 2014
Moving house has always been a pet hate of mine, and not just because I own some particularly heavy furniture. I always find that it is a hassle and a stress inducing process and I wouldn't wish it on my own worst enemy. That was, however, until I found ChelseaRemovals. I was dreading the prospect of the inevitable move, but someone suggested that I give them a call. They did everything they could to make sure that I got the moving experience I wanted and for the first time I have settled into my new home incredibly quickly. An excellent solution.
Russell Nelson